Working at Apollo

  • Ewen Atkinson
    Full-time teacher
    At: Ho Chi Minh Coty
  • Working at Apollo

    Posted on: Jul 12th, 2011

    For eleven years I have taught in language schools all over the world: in Thailand, Canada, France and Vietnam.  Of all the schools I have taught at, and I have taught at many, Apollo in Ho Chi Minh has been the school I have enjoyed teaching at the most.

    There is a wonderful, superbly comradely atmosphere in the staff room and my boss, Andrea James, is the best DoS I have worked for by far.  She knows how to manage people.  As for the administrative support and the facilities, as a teacher you could not ask for better and - why I don't know - the students at Apollo are among the most motivated I've ever met.

    I regret having to leave Apollo, but I need a Master's in TESOL to advance in my career.  If, when I finish my master's next year, I do not get a university teaching position in Vietnam as soon as I would like, Apollo will be the first place I will apply to. I love working here.

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