Ho Chi Minh

What is Ho Chi Minh City like?

Those who love the big city life are sure to find their way here as Ho Chi Minh City hosts a population of over 7 million people, making it the largest city in Vietnam. Whilst the history is long and eventful, the city continues to grow and change rapidly. The streets are a mosaic of stylish, high rise buildings, beautiful pagodas and the magnificent colonial buildings.
The weather patterns in the South differ compared to other areas of the country, with the weather consistently being warm with plenty of sunshine. There are two seasons: wet season is from May to November and December to April is the dry season.

Teach at Apollo Ho Chi Minh City

Our Apollo Ho Chi Minh City centres cater to a wide range of Apollo students. There are young learners and teens but many English classes are for adult learners to serve corporate needs. Due to the continually fast development of the city, there are many excellent opportunities to teach in Ho Chi Minh City.

Places to visit after work

Ho Chi Minh City is a place that is well equipped for sociable teachers, with plenty of restaurants, bars, sports facilities and activities available to keep your life outside of work just as exciting as your teaching.
Getaways are very easy to come by due to the city’s location and the international, and Vietnam’s largest, airport. If relaxation is what you’re after then you are in luck; beaches such as Nha Trang, Mui Ne and Vung Tau are within reach for a weekend away as well as a short flight to the wonderfully unspoilt Phu Quoc, which is certainly worth a visit. Also, the Mekong Delta is a popular trip for many as well. But you may find yourself struggling to take yourself away from such a busy, sophisticated city lifestyle.

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