Course Trainers

Our trainers are all accredited by the University of Cambridge English Language Assessment. They are all very experienced English teachers and IH tutors have typically worked in a variety of settings and locations. All our trainers are committed to teacher development and have an active, ongoing interest in this field.

Our 2016 trainers include:

Balthazar Lauzon
Balthazar is from Canada and started teaching English in 2003. He has taught General and Business English, exam classes, EAP, ESP and also young learner courses. He has lived and worked in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Italy, the UK in addition to Vietnam, where he has spent approximately 5 years in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. 
Arlene Bustard
Arlene has worked in ESL since 2004. She has taught General English, The Cambridge Suite, IELTS, Young Learners and EAP and worked in Italy, Vietnam, Ireland, and the UK. She has also been involved in Adult Education programmes teaching Communication to native speakers and teaching basic literacy skills to asylum seekers and refugees. She has worked as a senior teacher, teacher mentor and ADOS and is currently studying to complete an MA in Education. 
Graeme Dunlop 
Graeme is from the UK and has worked in the UK, Russia, Spain, Poland and Vietnam.  He has taught General English, 1:1, business English, Cambridge Main Suite and IELTS exam preparation courses as well as a wide variety of Young Learner courses.  He has worked as a senior teacher, academic manager and examiner.  As well as CELTA training, Graeme also works as a trainer for the International House Certificate in Teaching Young Learners and Teenagers (IHCYLT).
Zach Pinson 
Zach is originally from the US. He has been based in Vietnam for over 8 years, with short stints in South Korea, Turkey, Thailand and Singapore as well. Besides teacher training, his main areas of interest include teaching young learners and preparing learners for the IELTS exam. In his spare time, Zach enjoys good coffee, good chocolate, good conversation, avocados, and bicycles.
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